Review 2022 – Is it Legit or Scam XRP Faucet?

Using the faucet will grant you free Ripple every hour. After bitcoin, ripple is among the most popular cryptocurrencies. Our website offers the quickest way to begin receiving your first free Ripple since its launch in October 2017. At your Ripple wallet address, you can request a withdrawal once you have at least 1 XRP in your account.

What is

A free Ripple (XRP) faucet called is based on a dice-rolling game and is designed to produce free Ripple (XRP) once every hour. When one of our subscribers asked us to look into FreeRipple, we learned about this FreeRipple, was the previous domain used by the people who brought you For some reason, decided to change the URL of their website, and as of right now, redirects to

The faucet stands out because it draws “players” back to its roll page hourly rather than just once a day as most other faucets do. When you press the roll button, a “provably fair” random number generator assigns you a random number. A countdown timer then begins, and before you know it, you’re ready to try your luck once more.

Just above the roll button, there is a payout table that lists the number of ripples one will receive for each roll in both XRP and USD. It appears that the payout will increase with the resultant number. No mistake—that is exactly what the website says—those who roll between 10,000 and 10,000 receive XRPs worth $300. Given that the model would undoubtedly collapse if that amount were paid out even once a week or month, it goes without saying that the odds of rolling exactly 10,000 must be incredibly low. Features

Beyond the faucet function described above, also have a “The “Multiply XRP” and “Lottery” features are meant to increase the earning potential for their users. We discovered that these areas of the Coinfaucet at the expense of having a few more junk websites thrust in front of website are currently under construction.

How to Use the Coinfaucet to Earn Free Ripple

Free roll every hour

To get your Free Ripple, click the ROLL button. The number you roll will determine how much Free Ripple you receive, which will be distributed in accordance with the payout table below. You can play again every hour to win more Free Ripple each time!

You receive a different amount of ripple every day depending on the ripple price at the time. The largest prize is set at $300 USD, and the other prizes are distributed proportionately. You therefore have a reasonable chance of winning US$300 in Ripple on each roll, regardless of the currency’s current price.

Except from the hourly freeroll, you can generate additional freerolls by clicking ads.


Every roll that one of your referrals makes earns you a 50% commission. As you earn referral commissions, they are immediately added to your main account balance. You may make an unlimited number of direct recommendations.

How Can We Earn More?

You can take their survey to earn more points by simply scrolling up from the top of the homepage.

Simply click the yellow button to earn tokens and turn them into XRP if you want to take surveys to earn XRP. Since there are no surveys available, we can now click the back button on your device, which will direct you to their home page.

You can also click the FREE ROLLS button for us to add literally free rolls, but I don’t advise doing so because it’s a disgusting shortlink that loads a ton of ads in addition to a dangerous virus that could damage our device. However, given that it’s your life, you could also give it a shot if you’re willing to take the risk. I personally would never attempt that.

How To Withdraw from

the WITHDRAW button, You would then see that their minimum withdrawal is 5 XRP, which is a huge letdown for us as some of us were not particularly friendly and we just wanted to make money on our own and not depend on them.

If you want to earn and gain more, you must really put a pail of patience and recommendations into it. Right now, that’s the advice I have.


Evidently, this website was made by people who were patient, kind, and fortunate like you. The minimum withdrawal amount would take a lot of work, but this site is legitimate because I was able to find proof on YouTube that users have already been paid.

However, if you want to try to claim XRP at this one, please do your own research and look for any pertinent blogs or articles. It is still entirely up to you whether you use my link. By the way, here is the payout proof so I can verify their legitimacy. Hope I was able to help in some way.

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